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Higher Organix Opens Club 7 on December 26th.

Posted in Cultural, Live Music, Music Events by SlickReuben on December 31, 2009

Higher Organix at Club 7 Opener. Photo Taken by Caleb Hiliadis.

Higher Organix at Club 7 Opener. Photo Taken by Caleb Hiliadis.

The Berkshires are in the middle of a cultural revival with new and exciting events happening everyday. Whether it be a gallery opening or a concert, the days and nights of “What the hell are we gonna do?” are seemingly over. Pittsfield’s scene is most prominent in this development, you can’t walk down North Street without finding something of interest.

In the day you have the Lichtenstein, the Berkshire Museum and Dotties. And for nightlife Mission Bar, Rebel Sound Records and the newly built Beacon Cinema are sure to save at least a few from boredom in these barren winter months.

Pittsfield isn’t the only place where new things are happening though. Lenox, best known for Tanglewood and its well established traditional art scene, has a contemporary surprise all its own.

They’re calling it Club 7 and it’s the newly designed portion of the Econo Lodge in Lenox, MA. Fit with bar, seats, a crazy amount of lights and stage for bands and DJ’s to perform, this little spot is an oasis of city-life culture in the hills.

Great Barrington, MA based jamband Higher Organix opened up Club Oasis to the world playing their blend of electronica, rock and funk.

Higher Organix at Club 7 Opener. Photo Taken by Caleb Hiliadis.

Higher Organix at Club 7 Opener. Photo Taken by Caleb Hiliadis.

Higher Organix takes to the traditional jam band style and does not set out to play a certain set. Their style has a definite flow to it, which is what allows it to go so smoothly with electronic music. At this show, they played right along with a live DJ.

In the past, Organix has shared the stage with OTT, Marco Benevento, Sub Swara, Psylab, the Breakfast and the Brew. They were the driving force behind getting the UK electronic artist OTT to the Berkshires (OTT In The Shire) this past year and were also a major factoring in this year’s Let It Roll Festival.

They jammed on into the night and grew tighter as it progressed and as the lights fell more in sync with the music. Everyone was having a wild time and thoroughly enjoyed the club-like atmosphere.

The owners of the Econo Lodge are thrilled to have the chance to be a possible hot spot for Berkshire happenings.

All Photos Taken by Caleb Hiliadis.


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  1. Bradford Semprini said, on March 4, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Great stuff, cheers mate!

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